Coronavirus & Homeopathy


Coronavirus and homeopathic medicine

Coronavirus is impacting every person in the country, with all the new measures in place we are living in an environment of uncertainty and confusion.  Now more than ever we need to look after ourselves and support each other.  Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine and beneficial tool available during this time.  Homeopathic medicine takes into account a person's mental, emotional and spiritual feelings as well as physical  health symptoms.  This means all the complex layers in a person are treated holistically and simultaneously.  The essence of homeopathy is treating each person individually, I will select remedies which are best suited for you.  Remedies will strengthen the body's immune system and gently encourage a healing response.


Whether you are feeling the impact of Coronavirus measures and need support or you have been considering trying out Homeopathy and now have the time.  Follow your intuition and do contact me if you would like a Skype or telephone appointment. 


I am passionate Homeopathic medicine  is an option available to everyone, if you are struggling financially do still contact me for a low cost clinic appointment.

What is Homeopathy?

Appointments & Prices

Homeopathic appointments will be conducted by Skype or telephone. 


Remedies prescriptions will be carefully prepared and posted to your home within 12 hours.


First appointment £65 (usually around 90 mins) 

Follow up appointments £50 (45 to 60 mins) 

Children (under 16)

First appointment £40 (allow 60 mins) 

Follow up appointments £30 (40 to 60 mins) 


First appointment £40 (usually around 90 mins) 

Follow up appointments £30 (45 to 60 mins) 

I am a fully registered and insured member of the Society of Homeopaths.