Spiritual Counselling

What is spiritual counselling?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of "like treats like". This involves matching symptoms to the homeopathic medicine required.  For example, when cutting a strong onion, we often experience the symptoms of stinging, watery eyes and a runny nose.  People who have these specific symptoms in hay fever, may require a remedy called Allium Cepa, which is made from onions.  However, this remedy may not suit another hay fever sufferer due to subtle differences in their symptoms. 10 people with hay fever could each require a very different remedy.  When considering the best remedies, the prescription is not based on a single symptom but on a much larger picture, which includes an individual's constitution, past medical and life history, mental and emotional patterns and life-style factors.  The essence of homeopathy is treating each person individually.

Homeopathic medicine is referred to as remedies.  Remedies are carefully diluted to give different strengths.  Substances which would normally be poisonous such as Arsenicum, are made harmless and have no toxic side effects.  Homeopathic remedies are completely safe for everyone including babies, children and breast feeding mums, and can be taken alongside orthodox medicine.

What to expect in your spiritual counselling appointment

During a homeopathy consultation, I will be listening and asking questions about you and your symptoms.  I will need to know any medication you are currently taking, a full medical history and any injuries or traumas.  When deciding on a remedy, personality traits are taken into account, how you react to certain situations and how you express your feelings.  Some questions might seem irrelevant, such as when symptoms are better or worse and what types of food you enjoy to eat, however, your answers will enable me to build up a picture of you.


The first consultation is likely to take up to 90 minutes, this will ensure enough time discuss your reasons for seeking spiritual counselling and to agree on a future session plan.  If possible I encourage regular appointments on a agreed day and time

Appointments & Prices

I offer appointments at the Ringwood Health Clinic or by video calls. 


First appointment £65 (usually around 90 mins) 

Follow up appointments £50 (45 to 60 mins) 

Students (spiritual counselling is suitable for ages 18+)

First appointment £40 (usually around 90 mins) 

Follow up appointments £30 (45 to 60 mins) 

My clinic days are Mondays, Fridays and weekends.  Please do contact me to book an appointment or to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation.​